Lock & Roll Organizer

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 Get organized with Lock & Roll’s revolutionary design.

The Lock & Roll Organizer™ Storage System is an easy to assemble, use and clean storage system that is perfect for any room that needs added storage. It is designed to be completely customizable so you can organize and store anything! It is also mobile, compact, and durable so you can easily move your system without worrying about damaging it.

Lock & Roll is the ideal storage unit for all your organization needs. Use the four storage attachments included to customize your system to fit your family’s lifestyle.


2 Small Bins
1 Dual Hook
1 Multi-use Holder
1 Bungee Cord
1 Shelf
4 Casters

Assembled unit is 25-7/8” Wide x 19” Deep x 40-1/4” High

Questions and Answers

How is it assembled? And how much time does it take?
All parts snap together, no tools required. All units are easily assembled in minutes, with step-by-step instructions included with your purchase, along with an assembly video featured on lockandrollorganizer.com/videos.

How does it work?
It’s a modular system. Attachments can be connected to all sides at any height – based on your needs. Two units can also be connected side-by-side with just a couple of clicks using the base clip and the unit lock.

Will there be more attachments available in the future?
Yes, multiple attachments are currently in production to provide you with a more comprehensive storage unit.

Are the shelves and bungee cords removable?
All shelves and bungee cords are removable and interchangeable – build it the way you need it.

Can they be taken apart?
Yes, they can be assembled and disassembled in minutes. Each accessory is also removable, allowing you to grab what you need without moving the entire unit.

Are they stackable?
No, but that’s something we will work on in the future.

Limited One Year Warranty
Lock & Roll Organizer™ products are warranted against defects in original workmanship and materials for one year from the original purchase date. If any item fails, return the item with proof of purchase to Tailor Made Products, Inc. at 101 Juneau Street, Elroy, WI 53929. We will, at our discretion, refund the full purchase price or replace the affected item at no charge. This warranty does not cover any damages or defects caused by misuse, abuse or failure to use the item properly.